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Politically Correct

Astronaut: “Houston, we got a problem.”

Houston: “We don’t have problems anymore. We have ISSUES.”

Astronaut: “Dammit. We have a problem with the space station’s seal. There’s a leak.”

Houston: “I repeat, commander. We don’t have problems. We have issues. It’s politically correct and                    the old term is bad for morale.”


Far fetched? Apparently not so much. I am informed by reliable sources that the United States Navy no longer refers to problems aboard ship. You guessed it. Now they are mere “issues”. Political correctness? Better for morale? I believe it is rather a baffling perversion of the English language. Now back to my problem of registering online for my health insurance.

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I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Southern California. I served aboard submarines in the United States Navy. I have lived in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Bali, Indonesia. During my period living in Southeast Asia I ran an export company and played throughout the region as a jazz musician. My debut novel, China Sea, portrays a plot and settings derived from my experience.

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