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CHINA SEA – The Novel

After much anticipation and a lot of polishing with my proofreading team, my international espionage thriller, China Sea, is officially released.
Here’s a snapshot of what it’s about:
The protagonist, Roy Mancini, is living the good life in San Francisco when he discovers a ‘help wanted ad from heaven’ in the San Francisco Chronicle. A mysterious client needs someone to set up and run an office in East Asia. The ‘client’ turns out to be The Institute, a clandestine human intelligence (humint) task force that reports directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Institute hires Roy – a sailboat racer and jazz musician – and trains him in the craft of espionage, sending him to Southeast Asia under deep cover as an Arabica coffee bean trader where he . . .
I won’t spoil it for you except to say that the life and work of an undercover spook is often fun and games – and at story’s end, indispensable.
If you are a fan of espionage novels or just like an intriguing read in foreign settings, I’m offering the ebook at $2.99 for a short period. If you prefer to hold a real book, the paperback is available on Amazon.
Here are the links where you can buy the book:
ITUNES: Search for China Sea by Stanton Swafford on your iPad or iPhone.
I hope you enjoy reading China Sea as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Best Wishes from Redondo Beach,
Stanton Swafford (Sandy)

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