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A debut novelist needs, more than anything else, good reviews of his story. All of the social media marketing one can come up with will have little effect, I believe, if we don’t receive reviews – very positive reviews. I published my espionage thriller, CHINA SEA, three weeks ago. There is no way to know how many readers have purchased the book. Time will tell. So I was elated to receive the following email from a Japanese gentleman who had recently bought the book. Here it is.

Dear Stanton-san,

Last week I asked my wife to purchase your book, China Sea, at the Amazon
for me. This week the book arrived. I so far read up to the chapter 30. It is
really exciting and I am enjoying it very much. I hate to finish it too soon, so
I stopped at the current chapter to leave my enjoyment until this weekend.
Upon finishing all the 48 chapters, I will send my review to Amazon.

As I am quite familiar with places like Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia etc., I
felt the place of Cisco’s activity very close. I lost my father who was the chief
engineer of the Japanese Imperial Navy submarine at the Malacca Straits and
visited the area more than a few times.

Thank you for the interesting French mathematics. My case will be something
like this:
74 divided by 2 + 7 = 44 A little bit too old, don’t you think?

Look forward to seeing you again sometime soon.


  1. Dee Connell

    That is really awesome, Sandy. I can’t imagine how good it feels to have a positive response after working on your book for so long. Congrats 🙂


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