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JAVA SEA – A Novel

A horrific terrorist bombing in Bali, Indonesia, claims the lives of 150 Americans. When the Indonesian leader asks the U.S. president not to meddle in the investigation, he reluctantly complies, choosing not to upset the head of the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. But when Roy Mancini learns of the U.S. president’s decision, he takes the terrorist attack personally, having lost his two closest Balinese friends in the bombing. He enlists his partners in Asia and the United States to launch a private mission to identify, track, and assassinate the bombing’s four principal operatives. Vividly portrayed in settings throughout Southeast Asia, this second book in the series involves cyber espionage, humint, and an international cast of intelligence professionals and underworld characters that will keep you guessing until the explosive end.

JAVA SEA will be published on Amazon and Kindle in September 2016.


  1. I think you’ll like this one Ed. A main character is Roy’s son, Marc. The action takes place twenty-eight years after China Sea. Roy and Cynthia got married. Their son, Marc, served in the Marine Corps and has now joined his father in the coffee trading business. And then…the bombing in Bali.


  2. ethanjones78

    Mr. Swafford:
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    Ethan Jones


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