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JAVA SEA -Available on Kindle for free until November 5th.

Chapter 1
Bali, Indonesia

The most urgent task following the explosion was to remove the critically burned survivors and place them in nearby hotel swimming pools to relieve their unbearable pain. Other injured men, women and a few children were taken to Denpasar’s hospitals which were soon overwhelmed. Eventually many of the victims were flown long distances, one thousand to two thousand miles, to receive specialized treatment.
The driver of the van had never learned how to drive. Jeko Rusdiana taught him only how to steer in a straight line. That’s all he needed to know to guide the van on the road that ran past the five-star hotel. The van was rigged for detonation by remote control – in case the suicide bomber got cold feet. Jeko had stood on the roof of a building overlooking the hotel and held a trigger, a cell phone, in his hand for that eventuality.
The Mitsubishi L-300 van incinerated in the explosion along with its driver.
The six overseers of the plot, led by Ghazali, escaped from the area in the small hours of the morning on rented motorbikes which they ditched before boarding the boat that ferried them away from Bali.
The half dozen perpetrators separated when they arrived in East Java. Ghazali ordered them to limit future communications among themselves. When necessary they would employ the secure techniques he had taught them. Chances were they would never meet again.

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I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Southern California. I served aboard submarines in the United States Navy. I have lived in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Bali, Indonesia. During my period living in Southeast Asia I ran an export company and played throughout the region as a jazz musician. My debut novel, China Sea, portrays a plot and settings derived from my experience.

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