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Conflict in the South China Sea

China claims the entire South China Sea is within its sphere of influence. They have declared that sea a veritable Chinese lake. And they are currently staking their claim by building islands which quite obviously could soon serve as large stationary “aircraft carriers” and missile… Read More

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The Weekend Jazz Show

My all time favorite jazz pianist is Wynton Kelly. Once while he was playing with Miles Davis, Miles was heard to say , “I wish I could swing like that.” True story. Wynton always sounded happy as he played. Like he was playing for dancing. Tragically… Read More

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The Soul of Singapore

If you have lived in, or visited, Singapore during the past twenty years or so, then you have missed a city-state that, back in the day, was redolent with local color. The term that many people might use today to describe Singapore is “sterile”. It… Read More