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Our Man in Malacca

“Why have you selected Malacca, of all places in Asia, to live and work undercover?” the CO finally asked. “I would be inconspicuous in Malacca. I could operate my coffee business out of my home and under the radar of the Malaysian Special Branch. It’s… Read More

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Roy Mancini operates under deep cover in CHINA SEA (to be published July 2015) as an Arabica coffee bean trader. In fact, that’s his code name: ARABICA. Arabica is believed to be the world’s very first specie of coffee. It originated in southwest Ethiopia over… Read More

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CHINA SEA – The Novel

Welcome to Asian Affairs. I’ll be writing on subjects that are related to my debut novel, China Sea. The novel will be published in July 2015. The story itself is drawn from my 30+ years of living in Southeast Asia – the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Bali, Indonesia.… Read More